TREND: National Center for Education Statistics. Applications/Admittance - Postsecondary Education: Enrolled 1st Year - Men, 2001 - 2017. Data Planet™ Statistical Datasets: A SAGE Publishing Resource Dataset-ID: 017-003-008

National Center For Education Statistics
datasets.shared.infosheet.CitationMgr@1bb Dataset: Reports the enrollment of male students who have completed less than the equivalent of 1 full year of undergraduate work; that is, less than 30 semester hours (in a 120-hour degree program) or less than 900 contact hours, by state and institution. Data are from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) conducted by the NCES. IPEDS involves annual institution-level data collections. All postsecondary institutions that participate in federal programs providing financial assistance...
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