RANKING: United States Census Bureau. American Community Survey Summary File: 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016: B23020. Mean Usual Hours Worked in the Past 12 Months for Workers 16 to 64 Years | Demographic Indicator: Male, Female, 2016. Data Planet™ Statistical Datasets: A SAGE Publishing Resource Dataset-ID: 001-062-338

United States Census Bureau
datasets.shared.infosheet.CitationMgr@3e7 Dataset: Presents an estimate of the mean hours usually worked by the United States population ages 16-64 who had worked in the 12 months prior to when the survey was conducted. Results are segmented by sex and reported for specified geographic areas. Mean usual hours worked is obtained by dividing the aggregate number of hours worked each week of a particular universe by the number of people in that universe. The result is rounded...
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