Response of Lake Baikal periphyton to nutrient enrichment at 10 sites across a land use gradient: Results from a nutrient diffusing substrata (NDS) experiment

Ted Ozersky, Ekaterina A Volkova, Nina A Bondarenko, Oleg A Timoshkin, Valery V Malnik, Valentina M Domysheva & Stephanie E Hampton
This data set contains results of a study on the response of benthic algae to experimental nutrient enrichment in the nearshore of Lake Baikal, Russia. Nutrient diffusing substrata (NDS) were deployed at 10 sites across a land-use gradient (from town to forested) during August to September of 2015 . Four NDS treatments were used at each site: 'control', 'added phosphorus', 'added nitrogen' and 'added nitrogen and phosphorus'. NDS tiles were left in the lake for...
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