Selection on dispersal drives evolution of metabolic capacities for energy production in female wing‐polymorphic sand field crickets, Gryllus firmus

Lisa Treidel, Lisa A. Treidel, Gessen S. Quintanilla Ramirez, Dillon J. Chung, Michael A. Menze, José P. Vázquez‐Medina & Caroline M. Williams
Life history and metabolism covary, but the mechanisms and individual traits responsible for these linkages remain unresolved. Dispersal capability is a critical component of life history that is constrained by metabolic capacities for energy production. Conflicting relationships between metabolism and life histories may be explained by accounting for variation in dispersal and maximal metabolic rates. We used female wing-polymorphic sand field crickets, Gryllus firmus, selected either for long wings (LW) and flight-capability or short wings...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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