Additional file 3: Figure S3. of Dynamics of BMP and Hes1/Hairy1 signaling in the dorsal neural tube underlies the transition from neural crest to definitive roof plate

Erez Nitzan, Oshri Avraham, , Shai Ofek, Deepak Kumar & Chaya Kalcheim
caBMPR1A/caAlk3 stimulates ectopic pSMAD activity. (A–A”) Electroporation of control GFP (PBI-GFP) or caBMPR1a-GFP-PBI (B–B”) followed by pSMAD immunostaining. Note in A–A” that the pSMAD signal is restricted to the dorsal NT even if the transfection attains half of the NT length. In contrast, caBMPR1a/Alk3 induces ectopic pSMAD activity in transfected cells throughout the electroporated domain (B–B”). Bar = 50 μM. (JPG 516 kb)
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