MOESM14 of Genome-wide association reveals genetic variation of lint yield components under salty field conditions in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

, , , , Sen Hou, Na Liu, , , , &
Additional file 14 Figure S7. Heatmap of predominant expressed genes associated with lint percentage in cotton fiber development. The number indicated different tissues or development stages, 1: root; 2: stem; 3: leaf; 4: petal; 5: torus; 6: sepal; 7: bract; 8: anther; 9: filament; 10: pistil; 11: -3DPA ovule and fiber; 12: 0DPA ovule and fiber; 13: 1DPA ovule and fiber; 14: 3DPA ovule and fiber; 15: 5DPA ovule and fiber; 16: 10DPA ovule; 17:...
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