Synthesis of novel, DNA binding heterocyclic dehydroabietylamine derivatives as potential antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing agents

Fengyi Zhao, Xu Sun, Wen Lu, Li Xu, Jiuzhou Shi, Shilong Yang, Mengyi Zhou, Fan Su, Feng Lin & Fuliang Cao
Several dehydroabietylamine derivatives containing heterocyclic moieties such as thiophene and pyrazine ring were successfully synthesized. The antiproliferative activities of these thiophene-based Schiff-bases, thiophene amides, and pyrazine amides were investigated in vitro against Hela (cervix), MCF-7 (breast), A549 (lung), HepG2 (liver), and HUVEC (umbilical vein) cells by MTT assay. The toxicity of L1−L10 (IC50 = 5.92− >100 μM) was lower than L0 (1.27 μM) and DOX (4.40 μM) in every case. Compound L1 had higher anti-HepG2...
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