Latent classes of DSM-5 acute stress disorder symptoms in children after single-incident trauma: findings from an international data archive

Lonneke I. M. Lenferink, Marthe R. Egberts, Marie-Louise Kullberg, Maya G. Meentken, Sarah Zimmermann, Yoki L. Mertens, Angela A.T. Schuurmans, Yaara Sadeh, Nancy Kassam-Adams & Annegret Krause-Utz
Background: After a potentially traumatic event (PTE), children often show symptoms of acute stress disorder (ASD), which may evolve into posttraumatic stress (PTS) disorder. A growing body of literature has employed latent class analysis (LCA) to disentangle the complex structure underlying PTS symptomatology, distinguishing between homogeneous subgroups based on PTS presentations. So far, little is known about subgroups or classes of ASD reactions in trauma-exposed children. Objective: Our study aimed to identify latent classes of...
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