Measurement properties of instruments assessing psoriatic arthritis symptoms for psoriasis clinical trials: a systematic literature review

Lourdes M. Perez-Chada, Deepak Balak, Jeffrey M. Cohen, Alexis Ogdie, Joseph F. Merola & Alice B. Gottlieb
Introduction: The International Dermatology Outcome Measures (IDEOM) identified ‘Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) Symptoms’ as a core domain to be measured in psoriasis clinical trials. This domain includes the measurement of pain, patient global and physical function. Herein, we evaluated the quality (i.e. measurement properties) of five candidate ‘PsA Symptoms’ measures: Patient Global Assessment (PGA) for Joints, PGA for PsA, the Routine Assessment Patient Index 3 (RAPID3), the PsA Impact of Disease 9 (PsAID9) and PsAID12. Areas...
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