Genetic regulation of the development of mating projections in Candida albicans

Weihong Liang, Guobo Guan, Chao Li, Clarissa J. Nobile, Li Tao & Guanghua Huang
Candida albicans is a major human fungal pathogen, capable of switching among a range of morphological types, such as the yeast form, including white and opaque cell types and the GUT (gastrointestinally induced transition) cell type, the filamentous form, including hyphal and pseudohyphal cell types, and chlamydospores. This ability is associated with its commensal and pathogenic life styles. In response to pheromone, C. albicans cells are able to form long mating projections resembling filaments. This...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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