Bicomponent polymeric micelles for pH-controlled delivery of doxorubicin

Chunyun Wang, Peilan Qi, Yan Lu, Lei Liu, Yanan Zhang, Qianli Sheng, Tianshun Wang, Mengying Zhang, Rui Wang & Shiyong Song
Stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems (DDSs) are expected to realize site-specific drug release and kill cancer cells selectively. In this study, a pH-responsive micelle was designed utilizing the pH-sensitivity of borate bonds formed between dopamine and boronic acid. First, methyl (polyethylene glycol)-block-polycaprolactone (mPEG-PCL) was conjugated with 4-cyano-4-(thiobenzoylthio)pentanoic acid (CTP) to obtain a macroinitiator. Two different segments poly(dopamine methacrylamide) (PDMA) and poly(vinylphenylboronic acid) (PVBA) were then grafted to the end of mPEG-PCL. Two triblock copolymers, mPEG-PCL-PDMA and...
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