miR-552 promotes laryngocarcinoma cells proliferation and metastasis by targeting p53 pathway

Jia Gu, Tao Han, Lei Sun, Ai-hui Yan & Xue-jun Jiang
Numerous researches show that MicroRNAs (miRNAs) participate in tumorigenesis, progression, recurrence and drug resistance of malignant tumors, including laryngocarcinoma. miR-552 works as an oncogene in both colorectal cancer and liver cancer. However, the potential role of miR-552 in laryngocarcinoma is unknown. Herein, we for first found that miR-552 expression was upregulated in laryngocarcinoma tissues compared with their normal controls. Moreover, miR-552 expression was also increasing in the laryngocarcinoma cells. miR-552 interference inhibited the proliferation and...
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