Chiral 4-O-acylterpineol as transdermal permeation enhancers: insights of the enhancement mechanisms of a transdermal enantioselective delivery system for flurbiprofen

Tianzhe Chu, Chunyan Wang, Jing Wang, Heping Wang, Dandan Geng, Chensi Wu, Linlin Zhao & Ligang Zhao
In order to devise more effective penetration enhancers, 4-O-acylterpineol derivatives which were expected to be hydrolyzed into nontoxic metabolites by esterase in the living epidermis, were synthesized from 4-terpineol (4-TER) enantiomers and straight chain fatty acids. Their promoting activities on the SR-flurbiprofen and its enantiomers were tested across full-thickness rabbit skin, as well as to correlate under in vitro and in vivo conditions. The permeation studies indicated that both d-4-O-acylterpineol and l-4-O-acylterpineol had significant enhancing...
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