Dataset - Intraspecific diversity loss in a predator species alters prey community structure and ecosystem functions

Allan Raffard, Julien Cucherousset, Jose M. Montoya, Murielle Richard, Samson Acoca-Pidolle, Camille Poesy, Alexandre Garreau, Frédéric Santoul &
Loss in intraspecific diversity can alter ecosystem functions, but the underlying mechanisms are still elusive, and intraspecific biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships (iBEFs) have been restrained to primary producers. Here, we manipulated genetic and functional richness of a fish consumer (Phoxinus phoxinus), to test whether iBEFs exist in consumer species, and whether they are more likely sustained by genetic or functional richness. We found that both genotypic and functional richness affected ecosystem functioning, either independently or in...
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