Multi-walled carbon nanotubes induce IL-1β secretion by activating hemichannels-mediated ATP release in THP-1 macrophages

, , Di Yang, Jie Shen &
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are known to induce pulmonary inflammatory effects through stimulating pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion from alveolar macrophages. Despite extensive studies on MWCNTs’ pro-inflammatory reactivity, the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved is still incomplete. In this study, we investigated hemichannel’s involvement in MWCNTs-induced macrophage IL-1β release. Our results showed that the unmodified and COOH MWCNTs could induce ATP release and ATP-P2X7R axis-dependent IL-1β secretion from THP-1 macrophages. By using various inhibitors, we confirmed that...
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