Improving the performance, reliability and service life of aviation technology products based on the innovative vacuum-plasma nanotechnologies for application of avinit functional coatings and surfaces modification

Popov Viktor, Sagalovych Alex & Sagalovych Vlad
The methods of creating the advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnolo-gies of functional multicomponent coatings Avinit (mono- and multilayer, nano-structured, gradient) to improve the performance of materials, components and parts of aerotechnical purposes are considered.
The vacuum-plasma nanotechnologies Avinit were developed based on the use of gas-phase and plasma-chemical processes of atomic-ionic surface modifi-cation and the formation of nanolayer coatings in the environment of nonsteady low-temperature plasma.
Considerable attention is paid to the equipment for application of functio-nal multilayer...
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