Synergistic ultrasonic biophysical effect-responsive nanoparticles for enhanced gene delivery to ovarian cancer stem cells

Chun Liufu, Yue Li, Yan Lin, Jinsui Yu, Meng Du, Yuhao Chen, Yaozhang Yang, Xiaojing Gong & Zhiyi Chen
Ovarian cancer stem cells (OCSCs) that are a subpopulation within bulk tumor survive chemotherapy and conduce to chemo-resistance and tumor relapse. However, conventional gene delivery is unsuitable for the on-demand content release, which limits OCSCs therapeutic utility. Here, we reported ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction (UTMD)-triggerable poly(ethylene glycol)-disulfide bond-polyethylenimine loaded microbubble (PSP@MB). Taking advantage of glutathione (GSH) responsiveness, ultrasound triggering and spatiotemporally controlled release manner, PSP@MB is expected to realize local gene delivery for OCSCs treatment. But...
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