Early posttraumatic autonomic and endocrine markers to predict posttraumatic stress symptoms after a preventive intervention with oxytocin

Sinha Engel, Mirjam van Zuiden, Jessie. L. Frijling, Saskia B. J. Koch, Laura Nawijn, Rinde L. W. Yildiz, Sarah Schumacher, Christine Knaevelsrud, Jos A. Bosch, Dick J. Veltman & Miranda Olff
Efficient prevention of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) needs to target individuals with an increased risk for adverse outcome after trauma. Prognostic or prescriptive biological markers assessed early posttrauma may inform personalized treatment recommendations. To test prognostic and prescriptive effects of early (posttraumatic) autonomic and endocrine markers on PTSD symptom development. Autonomic and endocrine markers were assessed within 12 days posttrauma and before treatment initiation within a randomized placebo-controlled trial investigating repeated oxytocin administration as preventive...
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