High-affinity recombinant full-length antibody-based immunochromatographic strip assay for rapid and reliable detection of pyraclostrobin residues in food samples

Ying Liu, , , , , Ying Zhao, , , &
In this study, a rapid and reliable gold nanoparticles immunochromatographic strip (GNPs-ICS) assay based on a full-length recombinant antibody (rAb) was established for pyraclostrobin detection in food samples. First, a hybridoma PY-C7 secreting pyraclostrobin-specific monoclonal antibody (mAb) was produced. The variable region sequences of PY-C7-mAb were obtained by PCR and Sanger sequencing and used for the rAb expression in HEK293(F) cells. By GNPs-ICS assay, the visual LOD of pyraclostrobin standards was 0.1 mg Lāˆ’1 (rAb)...
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