BNIP3L/NIX degradation leads to mitophagy deficiency in ischemic brains

Xiaoli Wu, Yanrong Zheng, Mengru Liu, Yue Li, Shijia Ma, Weidong Tang, Wenping Yan, Ming Cao, Wanqing Zheng, Lei Jiang, Jiaying Wu, Feng Han, Zhenghong Qin, Liang Fang, Weiwei Hu, Zhong Chen & Xiangnan Zhang
Mitophagy, the elimination of damaged mitochondria through autophagy, promotes neuronal survival in cerebral ischemia. Previous studies found deficient mitophagy in ischemic neurons, but the mechanisms are still largely unknown. We determined that BNIP3L/NIX, a mitophagy receptor, was degraded by proteasomes, which led to mitophagy deficiency in both ischemic neurons and brains. BNIP3L exists as a monomer and homodimer in mammalian cells, but the effects of homodimer and monomer on mitophagy are unclear. Site-specific mutations in...
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