HFE inhibits type I IFNs signaling by targeting the SQSTM1-mediated MAVS autophagic degradation

Juan Liu, Xiaopeng Wu, Hailong Wang, Jiayu Wei, Qian Wu, Xingbo Wang, Yan Yan, Jun Cui, Junxia Min, Fudi Wang & Jiyong Zhou
Iron metabolism is involved in numerous physiological processes such as erythropoiesis, oxidative metabolism. However, the in vivo physiological functions of the iron metabolism-related gene Hfe in immune response during viral infection remain poorly understood. Here, we identified 5 iron metabolism-associated genes specifically affected during RNA virus infection by a high-throughput assay and further found that HFE was a key negative regulator of RIG-I-like receptors (RLR)-mediated type I interferons (IFNs) signaling. RNA virus infection inhibited the...
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