Additional file 1 of Transcriptional regulatory networks of tumor-associated macrophages that drive malignancy in mesenchymal glioblastoma

Jason K. Sa, , Hye Won Lee, Hee Jin Cho, Michele Ceccarelli, Luigi Cerulo, , Sung Soo Kim, Francesca P. Caruso, , , Young Taek Oh, , , , Hye-Jin Kim, Da Eun Jeong, Hye-Mi Kim, , Seok Chung, Hyun Goo Woo, , , Ho Jun Seol, Jung-Il Lee … &
Additional file 1: Figure S1. A schematic illustration on identification of MA-TAM signature and master regulators. Figure S2. MA-TAM target gene pathway enrichment. Figure S3. Global regulatory network of MA-TAM. Figure S4. Multi-color immunohistochemical images of MA-TAM encoding molecules. Figure S5. Effects of MARCO and CCL7 on mesenchymal markers. Figure S6. Effects of TAM-derived CM on GSC stemness in response to irradiation. Figure S7. Effects of anti-MARCO therapeutic antibodies. Figure S8. In vivo effects of...
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