Risks and features of secondary infections in severe and critical ill COVID-19 patients

Haocheng Zhang, Yi Zhang, Jing Wu, Yang Li, Xian Zhou, Xin Li, Haili Chen, Mingquan Guo, Shu Chen, Feng Sun, Richeng Mao, Chao Qiu, Zhaoqin Zhu, Jingwen Ai & Wenhong Zhang
Objectives Severe or critical COVID-19 is associated with intensive care unit admission, increased secondary infection rate, and would lead to significant worsened prognosis. Risks and characteristics relating to secondary infections in severe COVID-19 have not been described. Methods Severe and critical COVID-19 patients from Shanghai were included. We collected lower respiratory, urine, catheters, and blood samples according to clinical necessity and culture and mNGS were performed. Clinical and laboratory data were archived. Results We found...
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