Photo-electrooxidation treatment of acetaminophen in aqueous solution using BDD-Fe and BDD-Cu systems

Ana Gabriela Sierra-Sánchez, Ivonne Linares-Hernández, Verónica Martínez-Miranda, Perla Tatiana Almazán-Sánchez, Elia Alejandra Teutli-Sequeira, Monserrat Castañeda-Juárez & Mario Esparza-Soto
In this study, acetaminophen (ACT) in an aqueous solution was treated with electrooxidation and photo-electrooxidation processes (PEO). An electrochemical cell was used for the treatment of different concentrations of ACT (10, 50 and 80 mg L-1). A 23 factorial design was proposed, and the variables studied were current intensity 0.5 A (45.45 mA cm-2) and 1.0 A (90.91 mA cm-2), electrode configuration (BDD-Fe1 1 BDD-Fe: anode of boron-doped diamond (BDD)-cathode of iron (Fe) and BDD-Cu)...
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