Cuphea spp.: antichemotactic study for a potential anti-inflammatory drug

, , Betina M. Beltrame, Sérgio A. L. Bordignon, Miriam A. Apel, Andreas S. L. Mendez & Amélia T. Henriques
Cuphea genus (Lythraceae) popularly known in Brazil as “sete-sangrias”, it’s described as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antihypertensive mainly. Investigating the chemotactic ability plays an important role in the identification of new anti-inflammatory agents. Thus, this research aims to assay the antichemotactic activity of hydroethanolic extracts of C. calophylla, C. carthagenensis, C. glutinosa, and C. racemosa as well as the compounds miquelianin and myricitrin. The antichemotactic activity of the hydroethanolic extracts, miquelianin, and myricitrin were assayed...
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