First report of wasabi mottle virus causing ringspot and vein-clearing symptoms on wasabi (Wasabia japonica) in North America

Jesse L. MacDonald, Zamir K. Punja, Yu Xiang, Michael J. Bouthillier, Ron Reade, Robyn M. DeYoung, , Emily C. Betz, Ying Q. Li &
Symptoms of ringspots and vein-clearing were observed on wasabi (Wasabia japonica (Miq) Matsum) plants in three greenhouses in British Columbia during 2017. Ten indicator plant species, including four Nicotiana species, were inoculated with sap extracts from symptomatic leaves; after 4–11 days, necrotic lesions developed on all plants. Transmission electron microscopy revealed rod-shaped virions, 250–300 nm in length, in leaves of N. occidentalis and N. clevelandii. Total RNA from symptomatic wasabi tissues was used in RT-PCR...
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