Additional file 2 of High-resolution habitat suitability model for Phlebotomus pedifer, the vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis in southwestern Ethiopia

Myrthe Pareyn, Anneleen Rutten, , Ronja E. M. Wedegärtner, , Leo Regelbrugge, Simon Shibru & Herwig Leirs
Additional file 2: Table S1. Percent variable contribution and jackknife estimates indicating the most important variables for the model. Abbreviations: SD, standard deviation; Tmean, mean temperature; Pseas, precipitation seasonality; EVIdry, enhanced vegetation index in the dry season; Pdry, precipitation in the driest months; Pmean, mean precipitation; Cliffs, ordinal categorical values indicating cliffs between 20–40% and above 40%; EVIwet, enhanced vegetation index in the wet season.
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