Additional file 2 of The Alzheimer’s disease-associated protective Plcγ2-P522R variant promotes immune functions

Mari Takalo, Rebekka Wittrahm, Benedikt Wefers, Samira Parhizkar, Kimmo Jokivarsi, Teemu Kuulasmaa, Petra Mäkinen, Henna Martiskainen, Wolfgang Wurst, , Mikael Marttinen, Pekka Poutiainen, , Mikko Hiltunen & Christian Haass
Additional file 2: Supplementary Figure 2. A) Immunoblot showing protein levels of Plcγ2 in Plcγ2-P522R knock-in (KI) and wild type (WT) bone marrow-derived macrophages (BMDMs. Quantitation showing Gapdh-normalized Plcγ2 protein levels in WT and KI BMDMs. Mean ± SD, % of WT, n = 3 per genotype. Independent samples t-test. B) Caspase-3/7 activation in WT and KI BMDMs after macrophage colony stimulation factor 1 (mCSF) withdrawal during 24 h. Four images were taken per well...
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