Additional file 13 of A facile and scalable in production non-viral gene engineered mesenchymal stem cells for effective suppression of temozolomide-resistant (TMZR) glioblastoma growth

Geraldine Xue En Tu, Yoon Khei Ho, Zhi Xu Ng, Ke Jia Teo, Tseng Tsai Yeo &
Additional file 13. Unmodified AD-MSCs were seeded in 24-well plate at 2500/cm2. One day later, the culture media is replaced with low serum DMEM, in the presence or absence of 100 μg/mL 5FC. Cells were further incubated for 4 days. At the end of experiment, cells were trypsinised and subjected to cell count with the automated cell counter NC-3000. Graph bar presents the absolute cell number harvested from triplicates of each condition (mean + SD).
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