Comparison of Soil Higher Fungal Communities between Dead and Living Abies koreana in Mt. Halla, the Republic of Korea

Chang Sun Kim, Jong Won Jo, Hyen Lee, Young-Nam Kwag, Sung Eun Cho & Seung Hwan Oh
To improve our understanding of the relationship between soil higher fungi (belonging to Ascomycota and Basidiomycota) and Abies koreana, we surveyed A. koreana soil fungal communities in a forest in Mt. Halla, Jeju Island, Korea by next-generation sequencing (Illumina Miseq). To confirm the soil higher fungal communities, we collected two types of soils from a defined plot: soils with dead (AKDTs) and living A. koreana (AKLTs), respectively. Soil fungi were classified into 2 phyla, 19...
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