HIV-1 resists MxB inhibition of viral Rev protein

Zhen Wang, Keli Chai, Qian Liu, Dong-Rong Yi, Qinghua Pan, Yu Huang, Juan Tan, Wentao Qiao, Fei Guo, Shan Cen & Chen Liang
The interferon-inducible myxovirus resistance B (MxB) protein has been reported to inhibit HIV-1 and herpesviruses by blocking the nuclear import of viral DNA. Here, we report a new antiviral mechanism in which MxB restricts the nuclear import of HIV-1 regulatory protein Rev, and as a result, diminishes Rev-dependent expression of HIV-1 Gag protein. Specifically, MxB disrupts the interaction of Rev with the nuclear transport receptor, transportin 1 (TNPO1). Supporting this, the TNPO1-independent Rev variants become...
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