Additional file 2 of Autophagic flux inhibition enhances cytotoxicity of the receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor ponatinib

Diana Corallo, Fabio Pastorino, Marcella Pantile, Elena Mariotto, Federico Caicci, Giampietro Viola, Mirco Ponzoni, Gian Paolo Tonini & Sanja Aveic
Additional file 2: Supplementary Figure S2. PON affects the phosphorylation of different protein kinases. (A) Representative image of human phosphorylation-kinase assay (part a and b) performed with total cell lysates of neuroblastoma cells treated with vehicle (CTRL; C) or sub-IC50 of PON for 24 h. The levels of ERK1/2 phosphorylation (red squares) were analyzed using western blot (right panel) to confirm the inversed expression in three cell lines. VINCULIN was used as a loading control...
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