Additional file 9 of Transcriptomic characterization and innovative molecular classification of clear cell renal cell carcinoma in the Chinese population

Qiang Zhao, Jia Xue, Baoan Hong, , , Bin Fan, Jie Cai, , Jia Liu, Yong Yang, , Sheng Guo & Ning Zhang
Additional file 9: Figure S5. Identification of infiltrating immune cells in CccRCC. a. Relative fractions of tumor associated immune and stromal cells within all CccRCC samples. Samples were ordered as in the same clustering in Fig. 4. CAFs: cancer associated fibroblasts. b. Log10-transformed mean ratio (x-axis) versus p-value from student t-test for immune-active and tolerant tumors versus immune-inactive tumor and normal samples are shown. Only cell types with significant variance (p
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