Additional file 1 of Phenotypic coupling of sleep and starvation resistance evolves in D. melanogaster

Didem P. Sarikaya, Julie Cridland, Adam Tarakji, Hayley Sheehy, Sophia Davis, Ashley Kochummen, Ryan Hatmaker, , Joanna Chiu & David J. Begun
Additional file 1 Supplemental Figure 1. Starvation reduces sleep in both populations. Hourly plot of mean minutes spent sleeping and standard error over Zeitgeber Hour for (A-D) females and (E-H) males at 21 and 25 °C. Black dots indicate sleep patterns when fed, and the gray dots indicate sleep patterns under starvation. Plots start at the Zeitgeber Hour the experiment was initiated. Supplemental Figure 2. Regression of percent change in sleep and starvation resistance combining...
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