A new ent-abietane lactone from Glycosmis pentaphylla

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A new ent-abietane lactone, 3-oxojolkinolide A (1), together with 16 known compounds, helioscopinolide E (2), helioscopinolide A (3), 3-methyl-9H-carbazole (4), carbalexin (5), carbalexin B (6), glycaborinine (7), arborinine (8), 1H-indole-3-carbaldehyde (9), glycoamide A (10), glycoamide B (11), 2-(N-methyl-2-phenylacetamido)benzoic acid (12), 2-(methylamine)-methylbenzoate (13), fraxidin (14), scopoletin (15), (-)-syringaresinol (16) and ferulic acid (17) were isolated from Glycosmis pentaphylla. The structures of these compounds were elucidated using spectroscopic techniques such as NMR and MS. Among them, compounds...
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