Additional file 2 of Dnmt3b regulates DUX4 expression in a tissue-dependent manner in transgenic D4Z4 mice

Linde F. Bouwman, Bianca Den Hamer, Elwin P. Verveer, , Yvonne D. Krom, Silvère M. Van Der Maarel & Jessica C. De Greef
Additional file 2: Figure S2. The Smchd1MommeD1 variant affects DUX4 expression in secondary lymphoid organs of D4Z4-2.5 mice. DUX4 transcript levels were enhanced in the inguinal lymph nodes and spleens of D4Z4-2.5/Smchd1MommeD1 mice (postnatal day 15) as measured by RT-qPCR. Each dot represents one mouse and the error bars denote the SEM from the biological replicates. Statistical analysis was performed with a Student’s t-test. **P<0.01; ***P<0.001. 2.5 = D4Z4-2.5; MD1 = Smchd1MommeD1.
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