Additional file 1 of Investigating host-microbiome interactions by droplet based microfluidics

Alexandra S. Tauzin, Mariana Rangel Pereira, Liisa D. Van Vliet, , Elisabeth Laville, Jeremy Esque, Sandrine Laguerre, Bernard Henrissat, Nicolas Terrapon, Vincent Lombard, Marion Leclerc, Joël Doré, Florian Hollfelder & Gabrielle Potocki-Veronese
Additional file 1. Supplemental information including additional figures and tables. Fig. S1 Quantification of resorufin-β-GalNAc leakage between droplets at pH 8 and pH 9. Fig. S2 Activity of the different clones isolated at pH 9, quantified in liquid medium on resorufin-β-GalNAc. Fig. S3 SDS-PAGE analysis of cell extracts from clones 1 to 5 compared with control. Fig. S4 HPAEC-PAD analysis of human glycans hydrolyzed by the different clones and by the purified Uhgb_GH123 enzyme. Fig....
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