Additional file 4 of Linkage of alterations in systemic iron homeostasis to patients’ outcome in sepsis: a prospective study

Anna Brandtner, Piotr Tymoszuk, Manfred Nairz, Georg F. Lehner, Gernot Fritsche, Anja Vales, Andreas Falkner, Harald Schennach, Igor Theurl, Michael Joannidis, Günter Weiss & Christa Pfeifhofer-Obermair
Additional file 4. Correlation of iron turnover parameters with SAPS II. (A) Values of SAPS II in survivors and ICU deceased sepsis patients. Each point represents a single observation, bars and whiskers depict mean with SEM. Statistical significance was determined with mixed-effect linear model (fixed effect: vital status, random effects: gender and age). In the plot, n numbers of survivors and deceased participants and p value (two-tailed T test, β ≠ 0) are presented. (B)...
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