Protein-Protein Interactions and Novel Biomarkers of Autism

Tony Abdel-Missih, Nataly Abdel-Missih, Rosalind Silverman & Lorelei Silverman
Protein-Protein Interactions and Novel Biomarkers for AutismAuthors: Tony Abdel-Missih, Nataly Abdel-MissihSupervisors: Dr. Lorelei Silverman, Dr. Rosalind SilvermanINTRODUCTIONAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a term used to refer to a heterogeneous set ofneurodevelopmental disorders that can cause significant difficulties with social skills,communication and behavioral issues including restricted and repetitive behaviors, interests oractivities. Although autistic patients do not visually appear any different, the way they interactwith others can differ substantially from neurotypicals. The severity of these deficits varieswidely...
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