Additional file 4 of Differential susceptibility of Onchocerca volvulus microfilaria to ivermectin in two areas of contrasting history of mass drug administration in Cameroon: relevance of microscopy and molecular techniques for the monitoring of skin microfilarial repopulation within six months of direct observed treatment

Raphael Awah Abong, , Patrick W. Chounna Ndongmo, Abdel Jelil Njouendou, , , Mathias Eyong Esum, , Jerome Fru-Cho, Fanny F. Fombad, Theobald Mue Nji, Peter Ivo Enyong, Catherine B. Poole, Kenneth Pfarr, Achim Hoerauf, Clotilde K. S. Carlow & Samuel Wanji
Additional file 4 S4 Fig. A. Representative Data obtained from individual samples using a colorimetric LAMP assay. Samples containing O. volvulus microfilariae turned yellow (+) and were scored positive. Negative skin snips samples remained pink (−). B. Specificity of colorimetric LAMP assay. Reactions contained no template DNA (>) or DNA from Onchocerca volvulus (OV), Mansonella perstans (MP) or L. loa (LL).
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