Additional file 3 of Proteomic profiles of unilateral cryptorchidism in pigs at different ages using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and in-gel digestion coupled with mass spectrometry (GeLC-MS/MS) approaches

, , , , & Gunnaporn Suriyaphol
Additional file 3: Supplementary Fig. S1. Representative total protein detection on nitrocellulose membrane. Lane 1, proteins from normal testes of healthy pigs (NT) at the ages of 1–2 weeks; lane 2, NT at the ages of 12 weeks; lane 3, undescended testes in the abdominal cavity (UDT) at the ages of 1–2 weeks; lane 4, descended testes in cryptorchid pigs (DT) at the ages of 1–2 weeks; lane 5, UDT at the ages of 6...
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