Ref 5 license author from Probing plasmonic excitation mechanisms and far-field radiation of single-crystalline gold tapers with electrons

Robin Lingstädt, Nahid Talebi, , Wilfried Sigle, Alfredo Campos, Mathieu Kociak, Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Eiji Okunishi, Masaki Mukai, Christoph Lienau & Peter A. Van Aken
Conical metallic tapers represent an intriguing of metallic nanostructures, as their plasmonic properties show interesting characteristics in strong correlation to their geometrical properties. This is important for possible applications such as in the field of scanning optical microscopy, as favourable plasmonic resonance behaviour can be tailored by optimizing structural parameters like surface roughness or opening angle. Here, we review our recent studies, where single-crystalline gold tapers were investigated experimentally by means of electron energy-loss and...
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