Sistemática Molecular y Bioinformática: Guía Práctica. Parte 1

Rosario Mata-López, América Nitxin Castañeda-Sortibrán, Erick Alejandro García-Trejo, Magali Blanca Isabel Honey-Escandón, María Berenit Mendoza Garfias & Iliana Paola Cervantes Cervantes-Aguilar
The current phylogenetic systematics comprises a “hard core” of fundamental concepts, together with several methods based on different optimality criteria such as parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesians that allow the analysis of molecular data. The resulting phylogenetic hypotheses modify the previous classifications, sometimes suggesting traditionally unthinkable relationships and, in turn, allow the analysis of different evolutionary processes and patterns. Training to understand and use these methods properly is not without its difficulties. Although the students...
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