Combination of carbon nanotube and cyclodextrin nanosponge chemistry to develop a heterogeneous Pd-based catalyst for ligand and copper free C-C coupling reactions

Majid Mommahed Heravi, & Maryam Raja
Carbon nanotubes and cyclodextrin nanosponge were hybridized and used as a support for embedding Pd(0) nanoparticles and developing a novel and heterogeneous catalyst, Pd@CDNS-CNT, for promoting ligand and copper-free Sonogashira and Heck coupling reactions in aqueous media and mild reaction condition. Cyclodextrin nanosponge could contribute to catalysis through encapsulating the reagents and transferring them in the vicinity of Pd nanoparticles. The results established that the catalytic activity of Pd@CDNS-CNT was superior to those of Pd@CNT,...
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