Additional file 1 of Completeness of tuberculosis case notifications in Germany in 2013–2017: first results of an inventory study

Teresa Domaszewska, Basel Karo, Ute Preuss, Christian Kollan, , , Bonita Brodhun, Barbara Hauer, Doris Altmann, Lena Fiebig, Walter Haas & Nita Perumal
Additional file 1: Supplementary Table 1: List of the institutions from which case-based data on TB patients in Germany was requested. Supplementary Method 1 CRC analysis was performed using R package “Rcapture” [23]. Three closed population models (M0, Mt and Mb) assuming no births, deaths, immigration and emigration affecting capture in both data sources within study period were built for each of the reporting years from 2013 to 2017 using “closedp” function with default parameters....
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