Prolonged presence of viral nucleic acid in clinically recovered COVID-19 patients was not associated with effective infectiousness

Ke Hong, Wei Cao, Zhengyin Liu, Ling Lin, Xing Zhou, Yan Zeng, Yuan Wei, Li Chen, Xiaosheng Liu, Yang Han, Lianguo Ruan & Taisheng Li
Prolonged presence of viral nucleic acid was reported in certain patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), with unclear clinical and epidemiological significance. We here described the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of 37 recovered COVID-19 patients with prolonged presence of viral RNA in Wuhan, China. For those who had been discharged and re-admitted, their close contacts outside the hospital were traced and evaluated. The median age of the 37 patients was 62 years (IQR 50, 68),...
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