A novel SNP of MYO1A gene associated with heat-tolerance in Chinese cattle

Yanhong Cao, Peng Jia, Zhuyue Wu, Mingguang Huang, Shaomei Chen, Jicai Zhang, Bizhi Huang & Chuzhao Lei
With the advent of global climate change, heat-tolerance is becoming more and more important to the sustainability of animal husbandry production systems. Previous studies have shown that MYO1A gene associated with pigmentation may be closely related to heat-tolerance in cattle. In this study, a novel missense mutation (NC_037332.1 g.56390345 A > G) was first detected in MYO1A in 891 individuals of 35 cattle breeds, which transformed the amino acid isoleucine into valine. The purpose of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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