Additional file 3 of The DLC-1 tumor suppressor is involved in regulating immunomodulation of human mesenchymal stromal /stem cells through interacting with the Notch1 protein

Tao Na, & Bao-Zhu Yuan
Additional file 3: Figure S3. The Y27632-induced Rock2 inhibition, but not Rock1 inhibition, promotes the immunomodulation of hUC-MSCs probably through inhibiting the DLC-1 signaling while elevating the Notch1 signaling. A. Western blotting showed that the treatment with Y27632 for 24 h resulted in a dose-dependent reduction of both Rock1 and Rock2 with a much more significance seen for Rock2 as accompanied by the reduction of DLC-1 and Hes1. The treatment also resulted in a significant...
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