Chemical constituents from rhizomes of Cautleya spicata (Sm.) Baker (Zingiberaceae)

Sushma Semwal, Pankaj Sharma, Manoj Kumar & Rajni Kant Sharma
The chemical investigation of ethanolic extract from rhizomes of Cautleya spicata (Sm.) Baker (Zingiberaceae) has resulted in the isolation of eight compounds which were characterised as β-sitosterol (1), β-sitosterol β-D-glucoside (2), bergapten (3), zerumin A (4), (E)-labda-8(17),12-diene-15,16-dial (5), kaempferol (6), quercetin (7) and astragalin (8). All compounds were identified by spectroscopic and chemical methods. This paper describes the first phytochemical work on C. spicata.
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