Immune restoration in HIV-1-infected patients after 12 years of antiretroviral therapy: a real-world observational study

Jiaye Liu, Lifeng Wang, Yuying Hou, Yan Zhao, Zhihui Dou, Ye Ma, Dawei Zhang, Yasong Wu, Decai Zhao, Zhongfu Liu, Fujie Zhang, Lei Jin, Ji-Yuan Zhang, Ruonan Xu, Ming Shi, Lei Huang, Zunyou Wu, Mengjie Han, George F. Gao & Fu-Sheng Wang
Using normalization of CD4 counts as the main evaluation parameter of complete immune restoration for HIV-1 patients under antiretroviral therapy (ART) might be not enough. A comprehensive evaluation system more accurately reflecting immune restoration are urgently needed. Totally, 91,805 HIV-1 patients from 17 tertiary hospitals in China during 2005–2018 were included in this study. Immune restoration and mortality were assessed. Patients initiated ART with baseline CD4 counts <50, 50–199, 200–349, 350–499, and ≥500 cells/μL, and...
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